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With the proclivity to make and participate in music of all styles, levels, and genres, I am enthusiastic and driven to expand my reach and impact on the musical world. While always embracing versatility, my life-long studies in music have led me to learn and perform on multiple instruments, develop recording and production skills, and compose memorable music for an assortment of mediums. 

Although I grew up studying jazz tenor, my current passion is playing in an indie pop rock band called bird.bird. We will be touring the east coast in June playing our compelling and creative pop tunes such as “I Made This”, “Soda Pop” and “I Can’t Sleepover”

When I’m not performing my own music, I can often be found recording others. I recently recorded and produced an EP of three super talented high school students. Through these projects and many others I have not only learned how to compose and record a wide variety of ensembles and genres, I have fallen in love with this lifestyle. From writing a children’s musical about two goat sisters to writing an EDM soundtrack for a 2-D video game. I’m happy to work on a 4 second transitional music cue or a huge 2 hour soundtrack for a student film. I am so excited to meet your musical needs and collaborate in whatever way we can!


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